Histoires Continentales

Histoires Continentales

In Histoires Continentales, we reject the divi­si­on of Europe in geo­gra­phi­cal are­as. We seek to dis­pro­ve poli­ti­cal cli­chés and cul­tu­ral ste­reo­ty­pes. Rather, we think Europe in con­ti­nen­tal terms and beyond: we questi­on the divi­si­on of Europe in east, west, cen­tral, or sou­the­ast, just to men­ti­on the most com­mon opti­ons. These cate­go­ries too often come along with sim­pli­fi­ca­ti­ons of histo­ry and impe­de to see the clo­se ties and con­nec­tions that per­sist wit­hin the European space. It is in this sen­se that Histoires Continentales stress trans­fers, ent­an­gle­ments and inter­de­pen­den­ci­es, which criss-cross soci­al, geo­gra­phi­cal, and poli­ti­cal are­as. At the same time, we look beyond the Continent’s mar­gins. Histoires Continentales do not stop at the Urals, the Mediterranean basin, the Caucasus, and look at glo­bal pro­ces­ses that link the cul­tures, socie­ties, and poli­ties of the European con­ti­nent.


Histoires Continentales is a poli­ti­cal­ly open chan­nel. The edi­to­ri­al team encou­ra­ges dis­sen­ting and hete­ro­ge­ne­ous voices per­tai­ning to con­tro­ver­si­al topics. Consequently, posi­ti­ons expres­sed here do not necessa­ri­ly cor­re­spond to tho­se of the edi­tors. All our con­tri­bu­tors, howe­ver, sha­re one fea­ture, that is a deep inte­rest and know­ledge about their respec­tive topic: Histoires Continentales gathers obser­vers of cur­rent events and of histo­ri­cal deve­lop­ments, and con­tri­bu­tes to dis­se­mi­na­te their know­ledge.


Histoires Continentales spread sto­ries that run against the main­stream inter­pre­ta­ti­ons. In con­trast to the day-to-day coverage, we aim at shed­ding light on dark spots of histo­ry, and at loo­king bene­ath super­fi­ci­al appearan­ces. We offer alter­na­ti­ve and cri­ti­cal per­spec­tives on important topics and seek to unco­ver the histo­ri­cal back­drop of cur­rent events. We unra­vel con­ti­nui­ties and high­light rup­tures. Histoires Continentales deal with untold sto­ries in the ent­ang­led European space, look at details, reco­ver appar­ent­ly small and for­got­ten sto­ries. Our aim is to sha­re know­ledge about our con­ti­nent, to offer ana­ly­ses and infor­ma­ti­on beyond con­fron­ta­ti­on, mysti­fi­ca­ti­on and sen­sa­tio­na­lism, in order to con­tri­bu­te to a com­plex under­stan­ding of Europe as an unde­fi­ned, ever chan­ging, and yet con­nec­ted and con­nec­ting space.